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Returning Investments - ISO entrepreneurs seek purpose beyond profit by giving back to their communities

Bluestone Payments

Excerpts from "Returning Investments" by Newton Holt

Here's how three entrepreneurs - Kaplan and peer Linda Rossetti, president and CEO of Bluestone Payments, and Jared Isaacman, CEO of United Bank Card have used their success as an opportunity to give something back.

Profit into Purpose

Too often, the concept of "profit" is held in a negative light, but profit isn't good or bad. It's value-neutral. And it's necessary, not only for businesses and the individuals who depend on them for income; it's necessary for the market forces themselves to work. While profit is a value-neutral concept, what one does with profit can certainly be harmful or helpful, selfish or selfless. Kaplan and Rossetti, both in how they use their profit and their time, ensure that their success isn't value-neutral but has purpose and helps to effect positive change.

Follow My Lead

In addition to their own social responsibility efforts, both Kaplan and Rossetti encourage and reward employees who give back. "I like to lead by example," says Rossetti. "I feel it is important to set an example of leadership and strength that demonstrates my commitment to our industry and to other organizations that have provided for my family in myriad different ways over the years."

Linda Rossetti is seeking to start a tradition in her industry. She hopes her involvement in volunteer activities and dedication to responsible business "will encourage others to do the same and that today's young people, who will be future leaders in this industry, will continue the tradition." Rossetti also strongly encourages virtually everyone she encounters as president of Bluestone Payments to volunteer their time and talents for the greater good.

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Originally posted: December 1, 2008